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Stunning AKC Siberian Huskies originating from top US and Canadian bloodlines

Siberial specializes in breeding Siberian Huskies from champion lines for show, sled, and companion dogs.

We have focused on breeding the extreme woolly coat variety. Why? That’s easy. Because are superlative Huskies.  No other comes even close.  On top of that they bring the perfect temperament.

Our goal is to produce the best quality, well socialized puppies, and of course assure them a loving forever home when they leave us.

We love the breed, the mountains, the snow and understand a particular sense of freedom.  All those elements combined keep us in perfect alignment with Siberian Huskies.

We are also enthusiasts about dog sled.  Having experienced it we can appreciate the power, energy and happiness of these dogs. It is a magnificent feeling! We are now officially sledding aficionados!

We recently acquired a property in the Catskill Mountains and have spent portion of the winter there training our dogs for sled. Without a doubt a dream created by patience,  dedication and love for our huskies.

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